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Maybe I should cosplay her...
Once again, I got sicked into these quizzes. But lookie who I got: Kagura, my favorite Inuyasha character. But then again, I'm third most like Naraku, the big bad! Oh well, no one's perfect.

Which InuYasha character are you?
Your Result: You are Kagura

resultYou're most like Kagura! You have a very strong will and you're not content to obey other people. Be careful around your master, if they hear you saying that you will not obey them, you will get consequences!

You are Shippo
You are Naraku
You are Sango
You are Kikyo
You are Kagome
You are Koga
You are Miroku
You are Sesshomaru
You are InuYasha
Which InuYasha character are you?
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As The Case May Be - The Sadie Bliss Chronicles
This is the beginning.  Or at least the first story written. And all these characters are ALL mine.

Sadie Bliss looked through the window in the front of the diner. The glass was speckled with droplets of rain, and the gray clouds covering the sky cast everything in a gloomy light. She watched as tourists, unprepared for the weather, scurried inside before they got wet. She took a sip of her coke and sighed. If only she could be as carefree as those people looked. But she couldn't.
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I really need to find something esle to do
Which Tim Burton film would you exist in?
Your Result: Corpse Bride

You're pretty cool there! You seem not to be sure about what you're saying, like many of these characters. Not much too bad. Not to mention, you're hilarious. You make a very good friend.

Big Fish
Sleepy Hollow
Edward Scissorhands
Which Tim Burton film would you exist in?
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Don't know how I got this (or why I took this test)

Which Fairy Tail Guy Is Right For You?
Your Result: Natsu Dragneel

Well, one thing's for sure: you like your guy hot! (pun intended) He may be rash and reckless at times, but deep inside, you know you like it. He'll always be fun to be with and, despite his headstrong personality, he deeply cares for the one he loves.

Gray Fullbuster
Gazille Redfox
Luxus Dreyar
Which Fairy Tail Guy Is Right For You?
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with this one my answers became a ship

Which Light Team Member Are You? (Fairy Tail)
Your Result: Lucy Heartfilia

resultA member of the Fairy Tail guild, you are a kind and caring friend and always honor your promises. You are very confident in your personal appearance, especially in attracting members of the opposite gender. You are very protective of your friends and their happiness, and you enjoy being independent. You value teamwork and assertiveness. And you also have a passion for literature and penny pinching!

Hibiki Laytis
Wendy Marvell
Sherry Blendi
Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki
Jura Nekis
Erza Scarlet
Gray Fullbuster
Lyon Bastia
Natsu Dragneel
Which Light Team Member Are You? (Fairy Tail)
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and then there's this.

How Which Film Genre Would You Survive Best In?
Your Result: Action/Adventure

You would survive best in a action/adventure film! Move over Indian Jones, there's a new hero in town. Your clever mind would help you to crack the code and set traps for the criminal, but if all else fails there is always good old-fashioned karate!

How Which Film Genre Would You Survive Best In?
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Let's see if I can do what I really should be doing right now.

Look--A Community one this time
Need I say more?

What Community character are you?
Your Result: Annie

resultSweet, lovable, doe-eyed, and innocent. Except if someone is getting in the way of your academic plans, then you're a vicious b*tch. Oh, and God help the person who takes your pen.

The Human Being
What Community character are you?
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I'm a HERO!
Huh, the last time I posted, it was the results of a personality test. AAAAND here's another.
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Your Result: America

resultYou are America! You love to be in the spotlight and be the hero of the story. Sometimes you forget about everybody else but are very strong and have a good sense of humor. Hope you enjoyed the quiz :)

Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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There was this personality test ...
...and this is who I got.

You are the Tenth Doctor
You are the Tenth Doctor
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
You are a hip, fun loving person who has a very powerful charisma. Your heart(s) has/have been horribly broken, thus you have a hard time letting anyone get too close. You still carry a torch for the one you lost. You are not afraid to cry. You love getting into sticky situations and finding a way out of them. You have a devoted sense of rightousness and fight wrong doing wherever you go. You insist upon getting involved at every possible opportunity. You will sacrifice the happiness of yourself and one you truly love in order to save them.

We will miss you, Elisabeth Sladen
     I realize this may be slightly late to post this, but it's the first trime I've been near a computer since Sunday. And what a sad weeks it's been.
     I had never heared of Elisabeth Sladen or Sarah Jane before watching School Reunion in '06. She's the reason I decided to watch the Five Doctors, because it had her. And since then i've been seeking out the Doctor Who's from  the '70's. The only reason I want to find "Time Warrior" as well. 
     It's someything when someone who is never affected by almost anything is brought to near hysterics by this. 
     Seriously, I felt like, like, like a friend I knew for years had died. I've never felt that way about an actor before. 
     You will missed by many, Ms Sladen. We won't forget you.

A post in which I am writing while tired...
     And I still have one day at work to go until my next day off. Ah, well. Add to that I am very nervous about mhy course. I feel like,. oh, i don't know, that i will fail, and fail epically! I have an idea i think i good, but I'm afraid that it's bot originial enough. *sigh*

     But on a lighter note, two day's my ma's birthday. So, happy birthday to her.
     Wish me luck, please. I think I'll need it.

Kissing and Breathing

characters: eleven, tentoo/rose, amy/rory

rating: at most teen

disclaimer: I don't own anything in this short.

a/n: I thought this up while watching "A Christmas Carol" a few weeks ago. my sister/beta thought it was funny, I really hope others do as well. Also, this is my first stab at fanfics, so, um, there's that.

Word count: 157


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(no subject)
     Lookie here! I'm BACK!
    Yep, I am here and will hopefully be posting my first fanfic soon. it was be both here and on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. 
     Didn't win nanowrimo. :(
     Am now in a Novel writing course, and am just waiting for my course materials. 
    Also, i am trying to put together a full cosplay outfit. I am thinking sarah jane's white ark in space outfit. that and/or her hand of fear outfit (the stripy overalls one).


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